Meet the MSA Board Members

Sheldon Vaz


Sheldon actively took up the sport of squash in 2012. In such a short time, this great sport has given him so much and he wants to give a little back. Growing the sport in Minnesota is a goal of his in this role. He loves new and interesting ideas so please seek Sheldon out if you have any.

Tod‍‍‍d Iliff

Treasurer / Communications Committee Chair

Todd is an avid squash enthusiast who loves playing and watching squash. More often than not he can be seen at the courts on a daily basis.

When not playing squash, Todd is a real estate attorney and investor.

Paul Finkelstein


Paul ‍‍‍‍‍‍has been playing squash since 2010, after learning the game at Dartmouth College. He is enthusiastic about promoting the sport of squash with juniors and newcomers.

When not playing squash, Paul is an artistic administrator with The Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra.

Tim O’Toole

Board Member - City League

Tim's intro to squash was hardball singles in 1989 at the NW Racquet + Swim clubs. He then quit playing for a while to work on movies, music videos, and other incidental stuff. A pal coaxed ‍‍‍him back into the softball singles game in 2007 and Tim's been hooked ever since. He joined the MSA Board in 2010 under the tutelage of past president, Paul A. Bischel from whom he learned a lot. Tim both plays in and administers the MSA's City League and wishes more people--of all genders, ages, abilities played squash.

Thierry Fernaine

Board Member - Communications Committee

Thierry was introduced to squash in 2013 and has since been ver‍‍‍y involved in the squash community. You will find him on the courts of the UofM Rec Center and occasionally at LifeTime clubs around the city.

Ivan Martinez

Board Member - Junior's Squash

‍‍‍Adil Fakier

Board Member

Adil started playing squash at 6yrs old in Cape Town, South Africa, just for fun with family members. In high school he played for his school and started club squash as well.He was hooked! His passion for the game was rekindled a few years ago when he was introduced to a professional squash coach.Growing the sport with our youngsters is a huge focus for him.Outside of squash he loves the outdoors and plays beach volleyball, biking, running and working out. He is a traveling IT consultant working for a startup based in St Paul.

Tina Gonsior

Board Member - Women's Squash

Tina started playing squash in 2011 at t‍‍‍he Lifetime Fitness in Lakeville and found a way to get a very fun cardio workout and meet new friends. She started with a group of 3 ladies and have grown the group little by little. She found the fun and passion in squash is essential in her mental and physical health!
Tina is married and has 3 grown children and 4 granddaughters. The granddaughters will all be squash players before they hit their teens!